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Elum Energy is a fast-growing company based in Paris with offices in Morocco and South Africa specialized in providing solutions for the control of complex solar power plants called "hybrids ". These are composed - in addition to the solar farm - of energy storage systems in the form of batteries and generators. The objective of these power plants is to reduce the consumption of the carbon unit (diesel generators) by adding a solar power plant.

Our reference customers are installers and operators of solar power plants and/or energy producers such as TOTAL, ENGIE, GreenYellow, SolarCentury... Our technology currently equip more than 100 solar power plants in more than 30 countries, from 10KWp to 10MWp. These power plants equip factories and shopping centers for example, or feed into the local grid to supply isolated cities on islands (Caribbean, South Asia) or in some African countries.

Our technology, ePowerControl allows to supervise and automatically control these solar hybrid power plants in an efficient way, and its declination in different by-products allows to manage both "simple" type hybrid power plants in self-consumption and more complex power plants of several MWp in grid injection.

We are looking for talented, passionate and creative profiles - sharing our passion for renewable energies - to help us build tomorrow's electricity grid! 

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